Programa busca ser una academia interactiva para suscriptores

El pianista, compositor y ganador de 23 Grammys en categorías de jazz, Chick Corea, lanza el “Chick Corea Academy”. Un programa virtual para la enseñanza de la música para aquellos que quieran aprender directamente del maestro.

La plataforma es “para ayudar a los músicos y a todos los artistas a ser más competentes y creativos,” expresó Chick.

Suscriptores podrán tener acceso al Chick Corea Academy por $29 al mes, o bien, comprar los talleres de forma individual que de momento son tres: “The Essentials”, “The Piano” y “The Art of the Trio”. El programa se vende como uno en el que Chick ahonda en sus métodos con horas de material pregrabado además de talleres en vivo y la posibilidad de interactuar con una comunidad especializada.


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The brand-new Chick Corea Academy is now open! ? Here's a message from Chick about it: "The CC Academy is not a school or university in the traditional sense. There are no exams and no grades or graduations. The atmosphere is informal, and unlike school and university, there are no tests that require memorization since one of the basic goals of the Academy is to encourage the members to think for themselves and to apply what they learn. I believe there is no limit to how much one can achieve – or how able and competent one can become. Therefore, I like to regard the Academy’s activities and development a “work in progress” – the same way I regard my own music and life. I will attempt to balance theory with practical application in the form of performance. I've seen that results can only be judged by each individual Academy member, observing his or her own progress towards their determined musical goals. Every artist should learn to use his own judgment and think for himself. Finally, my overall purpose for the Academy could be expressed like this: I want to encourage those who have the desire to create Music and Art to go for it and do it as a professional life’s pursuit or simply as an enjoyable hobby. I have observed that the more art and music there is in a family or a community, the more pleasant and livable it is. The creative impulse is basic to all human beings. It just needs to be recognized and nurtured to grow into something beautiful. Welcome to the CC Academy – Work in Progress – Association. Let’s make Music & Art." Click the link in my profile, or go to

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